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Thread: Unable to display images with subreports

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    Default Unable to display images with subreports

    HI ,

    We have a requirement to display dynamic images in sub reprots . We are using the xml files as configuration files for the reprots.

    We are able to displaly dynamic images in main reprots successfully , using the below tag .

    <image-field name="testImage" x="30" y="40" width="150" height="40" dynamic="true" fieldname="testImage"/>

    But we tried with many possiblities , and unable to display the image in sub reports .. Can any one please help us to display the image in sub reprots .


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    Your image url comes from a field. So chances are high, that this field is a parameter, and you are not passing the parameter from the master to the subreport.
    Look at the demo-project, there you may find some of the ancient reports that declare subreport parameters, or look at the xml-schema for the old xml format on how to declare parameters.

    I would strongly recommend that at some point you consider using a sane and well-supported file format
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    Hi Taqua,

    Thanks for your reply.
    Can you tell me how to pass parameters from Master report to sub report?


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