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Thread: Create reports from the engine only?

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    Default Create reports from the engine only?


    Can I use the Pentaho Report Designer Engine and its source code to create reports without using the the report designer GUI?

    I searched for the answer in this forum, in the Pentaho Ads and tutorials, but did not find anything.

    I have a client/server application that offers Pentaho Reports. The user can select some datasources and parameters [like dates] in a super simple HTML Formular. Then these informations shall be sent to the server. The server generates a report based upon the user's input and some fixed parameters [like Layout and CD] and finally exports the PDF Report. This file is then sent to the user in his browser. Voilà. So is that possible?

    If it is possible - where can I find a tutorial or help how to?

    Thanks and greetings,

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    In short: Get Will Gorman's book. Its named "Pentaho Reporting for Java Developers" and does contain exactly what the title promises.

    The report designer is no magic, it just uses the same public API that you can use to create reports. Technically you have two options: You can create a report from scratch (create a new MasterReport object), or you can open a existing PRPT file, and then modify the resulting MasterReport object via the API.

    There are some demos on how to create reports only via the API in the classic-engine-demo project - but I would still strongly recommend the book. Even if you just get paid one dollar per hour, the book will be cheaper than the time spent on learning the API from code only.
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    Thank You very much.
    The Chapter is called Api-based Report generation. Sounds promising.
    Therefore I will purchase that book.
    Greetings, Bernard.

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