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Thread: [Stupid Question] But Please help!

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    Default [Stupid Question] But Please help!

    I know this will be a ridiculous question ever in the forum, and I wish the admin will redirect me to the right room where this post may fit best.

    Question is : If pentaho's source code is available for free on the internet, why should we buy pentaho? and what's difference between those called 'basic' and 'enterprise' in the product packages on the pentaho website. Thanks

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    hehe, not that ridiculous. See the website - it clearly marks out the differences in basic and enterprise. All the enterprise stuff you have to pay for and is not open source. Actually confusingly some of the CE stuff isnt open source either. But thats not the point

    But in reality, even with the extra features, with enterprise the huge value is in formal professional support. A lot of companies, particularly bigger ones, are still not happy to use such a big complex product without support.

    I've worked with companies on both sides of the fence - some simply say well I'll employ a full time person and they are the support, others want both - vendor support and staff.

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