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Thread: How big can a heat grid be?

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    Default How big can a heat grid be?

    I am trying to create a large hear grid, say 500x200.

    Seems to work fine if I run this through firefox, but chrome and IE fall over with around a 30x30 grid. Does anyone know if this is purely a browser problem (i.e. no way around it) or is there anything that can be done to get this working in all (or most) browsers?


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    I have fixed this in the main branches of CDF and CGG. Please use CTools installer with the "-b dev" option to update these two C-tools.
    Not sure the fix is effective against IE, but it solves Chrome's performance problem (in dealing with lots of clipping paths).
    Let me know if it worked.

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    wow thanks, that's great!!!

    will give it a try today and let you know.

    I came up with another question this morning (hopefully you can help me). I have been trying to find a way to set the useShapes and valIdx options on the heat grid to control the size of the panels. I can't see a way to do it in CDE's main options. I can set the values in the post execution function but it doesn't have any effect. Is there a way to do this?


    managed to answer my question about the size and shape settings.

    In case this is useful to some one else:

    The approach depends on your data set. My data set is structured as follows:
    Col 1 -> series
    Col 2 -> cat
    col 3 -> colour value
    col 4 -> size value
    The following settings need to be set:
    Data in rows = True;
    Crosstab mode = False;
    then in the pre execute function:
        // index array for the required columns for size and color in the data source (as above)
        this.chartDefinition.measuresIndexes = new Array(2,3);
        // index to the data in sub structures created by CCC
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    Looks like a good improvement, but I find things slow down in chrome after about's ok up until then.

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