Hello Folks,

I'm just setting up Pentaho trying to get some simple metrics from my database and have a couple of simple questions.

First, is it possible to have the report actually do a calculation and print that calculated value onto the report? For example, say I own a chain of fast food restaurants and want to determine the amount of time (in seconds) that it takes from when the order is submitted to when the order is handed to the customer. For sake of argument, say the database just has row after row of orders, and each row has an timeReceived and timeDelivered field. So, all the report has to do is subtract the two fields to get the value I need.

I've been poking around with the interactive report wizard, but I don't see anything along those lines.

Second, along the same vein as the first problem, is it possible to have the report figure out the top X "slowest" orders? The calculation is basically the same as before -- after calculating the field just sort on the newly calculated value and display the top X results. There's an example report called "Top N customers" that seems to do something like this, but I can't figure out how to view the underlying code they're using to generate the report.

Finally, is it possible to group fields by one column, but use a different field during the display? So, let's say tables 1-4 have a foreign key reference off to an auto-incrementing primary key value of table 5. Say I want to group my report using the PK of table 5, but actually display the "group header" using some other value (e.g., 'Name') from table 5. Obviously I could simply group by Name, but there is no uniqueness constraint on that value in the table and I don't want to have things accidentally mix in...


-- Dan