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Thread: MongoDB-Spoon "Group By" query help

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    Default MongoDB-Spoon "Group By" query help

    I am using Spoon 4.3.0 and want to create a MongoDB Input. (consequently want to use it in reporting in pentaho server/designer)
    Where in I want to run a query expression which has GROUP BY in it.
    I tried taking help from query examples both from Pentaho and MongoDB sites.
    But I get JSON Parser error. I guess, I don't know even how to construct a query having GROUP BY.

    Can someone please help me out in this.

    For example something in SQL the query would be

    Select sum(quantity),sum(price)
    where customer = "xyz"
    group by product_name;

    Any help would be much appreciated!!


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    Group by is a new feature coming out for Mongo 2.2 as part of the aggregation framework:

    We would need to add support for this to the MongoDb input step in PDI.


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    Thanks Mark.

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