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Thread: Formatting problems when exporting into excel

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    Post Formatting problems when exporting into excel


    I've got two formatting problems when I export a report into excel:

    1) If I have percentage values > than 100, e.g. 103,94 %, then Excel displays "######" in the exported file.
    But if I have values < than 100, e.g 27,34 %, then Excel displays 27,34 %
    I tested lots of formatting types in style->exel->Formatting-override, but I didn't get the right formating type

    2) If i have date fields I use following formatting: "" but actually I want to see the dates like this: "".
    But if I use that formatting type I just got "######" in excel

    Does anybody know what the right formatting is?

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    Without seeing your report, I am not sure what exactly is happening. It is working for me without the using the default override. I'm using 3.9.0. I attached a working example.
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