Hi guys,

Sorry for the newbie question, but i'd be glad if anyone could help me on this one. I' haven't had any luck using the search function in the forums. I'm using an Pentaho analysis (OLAP) datasource defined in an XML file, in which the interesting part is in the following snippet

<Dimension visible="true" highCardinality="false" name="TimeDim">
      <Hierarchy visible="true" hasAll="true">
        <Level name="Time" visible="true" column="temps" type="String" hideMemberIf="Never">
I'm using the following MDX query

NON EMPTY {Hierarchize({[TimeDim].[Time].Members})} ON COLUMNS,
NON EMPTY Hierarchize(Union(CrossJoin([Affectation].[Ligne].Members, [Scenario].[Name].Members), CrossJoin([Affectation].[Entite].Members, [Scenario].[Name].Members))) ON ROWS
FROM [Affectations]
WHERE {Hierarchize({[Measures].[quantite]})}
When designing a report with the report wizard in Pentaho Report Designer, a preview generates all column names with a full, unique name such as '[TimeDim].[All Times].[2011-06-30]'

Question is, how do I get a short name for my columns like '2011-06-30' like, say, in saiku ?

Thanks a lot for answering my silly little question