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Thread: Create Result Set User defined java class

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    Post Create Result Set User defined java class

    Hi, i have a hashmap<String,List> created from input rows, and i need create the new result set... i am blocked here:

    public boolean processRow(StepMetaInterface smi, StepDataInterface sdi) throws KettleException
    	Object[] r = getRow();
    	if (r == null) {
      logError("the last time");
      // Create new result set
      for (int i = 0; i < size; i++){ 
        // i need add one new row for one old column
        // add column
        //logError("new row for ".concat(columnas[i])); //workfine
        Iterator it=((ArrayList) traspuesta.get(columnas[i])).iterator();
         while(it.hasNext()) { //Por cada fila antigua creo una columna ahora, con el nombre del día +1
          logError(Long.toString((Long); //workfine
          // add new column to the new row
      //setOutputRowSets(newResultSet);  I think put here the new resulset, and after it will be the output step??...
      //putRow(data.outputRowMeta, r); I have commented this, because i only need the new result set
    Anybody have one example??, i have tried all... (i need dinamically, i can't use the tab Fields of UI)


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    Resolved, i have a great idea, i have used the same resulset, clear, resaize, put new columns and put new rows.
    Thanks for the reads!!

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