I created a Metadata Project, after finish, Business Model (Business tables, Relation Ship and Business View), i try to update my connection for using JNDI, connection, but when i publish that on the server there is a error; finaly i found, when we update the project in Pentaho Metadata, it doesn't update all the details as old connection, removed tables, so when i export to xmi file there is until these data in the file AND it doesn't show these data on the Metadata Editor BUT it try to use (or interpret) that on the BI Server !

For example, i removed a connection and some table from my project but there is until :
  • CWMRDB:Table : with the removed tables
  • CWM:Description xmi.id = 'a1519' name = 'target_schema' with the removed Schema.

How can i purge my Metadata Project ?

Thanks in advance,