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Thread: SAP Input with paremeters

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    Default SAP Input with paremeters


    I want to use SAPInput with from date and to date parameters and output data in json format.
    For this i have added sapjco libs, connection is working fine.

    In SAP input, I put my function ZRFC_FETCH_COLLECTIONS,
    After that input populated as follows,

    Field             SAP Type    Table/Struct    SAP Parameter Name    Type
    DATE_FROM            Single                           DATE_FROM             Date
    DATE_TO                Single                           DATE_TO                Date
    and output populated as follows

    SAP Field    SAP Type    Table/Struct    New Name    Type
    TYPE          Structure    RETURN             TYPE    String
    CODE          Structure    RETURN             CODE    String
    MESSAGE     Structure    RETURN           MESSAGE    String
    LOG_NO        Structure    RETURN          LOG_NO    String
    LOG_MSG_NO    Structure    RETURN     LOG_MSG_NO    Integer
    MESSAGE_V1    Structure    RETURN     MESSAGE_V1    String
    MESSAGE_V2    Structure    RETURN     MESSAGE_V2    String
    MESSAGE_V3    Structure    RETURN     MESSAGE_V3    String
    MESSAGE_V4    Structure    RETURN     MESSAGE_V4    String
    DOMESTIC    Table    COLLECTION       DOMESTIC    String
    EXPORT      Table      COLLECTION          EXPORT    String
    OTHERS     Table      COLLECTION        OTHERS    String

    from output i removed all other and kept only three domestic,export and others as I need only these field as out put

    I have taken json output after this field for Json format output and given file name.

    When I run this transformation. I got blank data json.

    And it never asked to pass values for input parameters DATE_FROM and DATE_TO.

    I want to know how it can be used. Here is my transformation diagram.

    Name:  tranformation diagram.jpg
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    I am newbie at Kettle transformations.



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    Please help. No one knows this?
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