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Thread: Semi colon (;) separated CSV ouput?

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    Default Semi colon (;) separated CSV ouput?

    Hi Guys,

    I came across very weird situation here.

    When I am passing 'outputType=csv' to CDA url then I am getting csv in semicolon separated ";" format, not in comma separated format (,).

    Did anyone faced this issue before?

    Thanks in advance for solution.


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    Add &settingscsvSeparator=, (I think its this)
    Pedro Alves
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    Quote Originally Posted by pmalves View Post
    Add &settingscsvSeparator=, (I think its this)
    I am trying it like below:
    cdaUri = "/pentaho/content/cda/doQuery?path=xxx_tools/resources/test_file.cda";
    cdaUri += "&dataAccessId=1"
    cdaUri += "&paramReportDate=" + rptDate;
    cdaUri += "&outputType=csv"
    cdaUri += "&settingscsvSeparator=,";

    Am I doing something wrong here??


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