I am newbie to Pentaho, and currently trying to integrate from Pentaho to Amazon EMR. Tried the following steps,

1. Created a testjob called VzTestjob and having Big Data -> Amazon EMR Job Executor as a job from Job Designer
2. I've an existing job created using Amazon AWS with name as MapR and Id as j-ISR8ADNO9QMN
3. Tried to configure the Amazon EMR Job Executor as following,

Name: Amazon EMR Job Executor
EMR Job Flow Name: MapR
Jobflow Id: j-ISR8ADNO9QMN
AWS Access Key: ***** (Collected from AWS credentials part)
AWS Secret Key: ****** (Collected from AWS credentials part)
S3 Staging Directory: ... (Clicked Browing)...

And trying to use the AWS Access key and Secret key, pressing the connect is not giving any error or issues. Still trying to open the local directory in my windows box only.


1) How can we use existing Amazon EMR job id already running in Amazon AWS?
2) What is the problem and where to collect the logging details if there is a connection issue (example - my windows box to S3 service)
3) What are the good practices and guideline to connect to Amazon EMR.

Thanks for your all great and prompt responses.