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Thread: Can't select my worbench schema

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    Default Can't select my worbench schema

    Hi there,

    I'm quite new with mondrian so I must missing something. The problem is:

    I edited my schema with apparently no errors so far. It's a very basic schema, 1 fact table and some dimensions. I've successfully published it to the bi server with no problems what so ever.

    Well, the problem is that I simply can't perform a MDX query in the Mondrian Schema Workbench. This happens apparently because I'm unable to select the Schema in the MDX query editor. When I press the "Execute" button, it raises an error : "No Mondrian connection.Select a schema to connect". here goes a screenshot for better understanding:

    Name:  schemaW.jpg
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    Some help would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,

    Ivo Macedo

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    Did you define a JDBC connection? Did you press the "connect" button?
    Luc Boudreau
    aka. Luc le Magnifique
    aka. Monsieur Oui Oui

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    Hi lucboudreau ,

    Yes, I've got an JDBC connection and yes, I've pressed the connect button but nothing seems to happen.

    I forgot to mention one detail. When I Open my Schema (Thesis.xml) in generates an error at the console, although everything appears to be fine at the workbench editor :
    ERROR [Workbench] Error : Schema file /Users/macbook/Documents/MES/Tese/CUBO/Thesis.xml is
    Don't know if this helps.
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